10th Mar 2016
Dr. Lawrence Medical Practice
22nd Feb 2016
Happy Lantern Festival!
29th Jan 2016
Seasonal Greetings
Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.
18th Dec 2015
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
On this joyous day, and throughout the coming year, Fingo sincerely may your life be filled with good luck and prosperity !
27th Sep 2015
Mid-Autumn Festival Blessing
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
-----Blessing from fingo.
29th Jun 2015
SJ Ballet des Arts Ltd.
We are honored to have helped our client SJ Ballet des Arts Ltd.who has a ballet dream extended through ballet education, the first step of which is to construct the dream into reality with our designers imaginations. We sincerely wish our client's company a prosperous future!
10th May 2015
Mother's Day
One-third of your daily time spent in a decent working place also can be a gift to your mom who cares your health most.
11th Feb 2015
Happy Chinese New Year!
Fingo wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!
22nd Dec 2014
Seasonal Greeting from Fingo!
15th Sep 2014
COFCO - Photo shooting
The construction work of the new COFCO office was completed. Today we have the photo shooting and thanks for the nice weather!
29th Aug 2014
Ping An - Handover
Everything is ready for the new office and colleagues are busy for the final setting up works.
07th Jul 2014
Woods Bagot - Handover
Works are now complete to the Woods Bagot new office. Let's have a glass of champagne and celebrate!
30th Jun 2014
Woods Bagot
The renovation work of the Woods Bagot Office has been started from early May. We are now enter the later stage of the construction work and starting for the carpet and system furniture installation.
19th Jun 2014
Ping An - Planning Consent
The current project of Ping An of China Securities (HK) has completed the layout planning. The renovation works will commence on site in the mid of July.
28th May 2014
COFCO - Demolition Complete
The demolition of the existing office is now complete, with fitting out works to begin shortly.
17th Apr 2014
Easter Greeting from FINGO !
*Wish you all a love and joyful one*
19th Mar 2014
COFCO - Rendering
Following the completion of the space planning and preliminary design, work began for Phase 02 of this project, with the rendering and material selection.
02nd Nov 2013
Funky Dance
Pay attention to every single part since design is in the details.
16th Oct 2013
Technogel Sleeping - Mockup
A current project for an Italian brand is now enter the production stage. Photo showing the visit with Technogel client to the factory.
08th Sep 2013
Ove Arup & Partners
The office fitting out works are now complete to this global engineering company in Kowloon Tong Festival Walk.
29th Aug 2013
Food Garden - Sketch
A Clean architectural lines and sophisticated materials guide the design approach, as does the concept of “Food Garden”.
13th Jul 2013
Lippo Chiuchow Restaurant - Construction
Following the completion of design and documentation, Work began on site for Phase 01 of this project.
02nd May 2013
Lippo Chiuchow Restaurant - Design Stage
With proposed reopening in Oct 2013, the Lippo Chiuchow Restaurant renovation project completed the preliminary design stage.